Topic: Context & History

Recent Statewide Reforms in Higher Education Financing and Accountability: Emerging Lessons from the States

January 9, 2017

View Resource This paper, by Jane Wellman and Darcie Harvey, examines reforms to historic approaches of paying for higher education in other states with the goal of finding and highlighting relevant lessons that California can apply to its current higher education financing efforts. Historically, financing higher education has been left primarily to the states. Because…

Historic Dynamics Shaping the Higher Education Budget in California

January 9, 2017

Download The California state budget for higher education has gone through a number of iterations over the years, from the early days when both university systems were funded almost entirely from state general funds to the current day. The behavioral and fiscal attributes of the current process bear many traces of this history. This brief…

Prospects for State General Fund Revenues for Higher Education

January 9, 2017

Download California’s General Fund revenue and expenditure trend lines create an uncertain trajectory that is unlikely to both meet expected costs and provide for significant increase in students for the state’s public university systems. This paper by Mark Hill, California State Department of Finance (retired), reviews past and possible future trends affecting General Fund availability…